If you’re the author of a fiction work of almost any kind, feel free to fill out the form linked below to submit your work for review!  I prefer romance, but if your blurb is good enough, I’d love to read anything you’d like to throw my way!

UPDATE (12/14/16):  I’m now expanding my list to include non-fiction books, if the topic pertains to writing and/or self-publishing.

Reviews will be posted here, on my tumblr, Goodreads, and linked on my twitter.

I accept manuscripts in mobi, pdf, and will accept physical books if needed.  Final format or ARC.

I never ask for payment of any kind for my reviews, a free book is more than enough!

I am happy to review any/all romance genres at my discretion, including erotica.  If you write something other than romance and still want me to review it, I can’t promise I will, but I can take a look.  Just check ‘other’ in the genre tab of the form and fill in your genre in the ‘anything else?’  tab.

I do review self-published works.  (I myself am self-published, so I know the struggle).

Just because you submit your work for review doesn’t mean I will review it.  Even if I accept the book for review, it doesn’t mean I will review it.  Sometimes something doesn’t rub me the right way.  That’s not your fault and I don’t want my review of your work to reflect that.

I rate on the ‘Star’ System.  With five stars being the highest and one star being the lowest.  I don’t post the one or two star reviews, but I will send them to you to read privately.  I’m a fair reviewer and I will give your book the rating it deserves:

  • 3 Stars-Neutral rating. Recommended. Usually given to books with great premise, but tons of grammatical errors, or books with great grammar and a bad premise, or books that are generally just ‘meh’.  Low rereadability.  Usually not difficult for me to finish.
  • 4 Stars-Great rating. Definitely recommended.  Given to books with good grammar/editing and good premises, but probably again, not something I’d reread.  Easy for me to finish.  Page turners.
  • 5 Stars– Excellent rating. Highly recommended. Given to books with great grammar, great premises, and something high on the rereadability meter. Books with a 5 star rating give me the feels and I love them for it.  Easy to finish.  Page FLIPPERS, as in, I can’t turn the pages fast enough.
  • Amelia’s Blue Star-Given to books that I absolutely love and will recommend until I’m BLUE in the face.

If all of this sounds good to you, then please proceed to the form below.  If I accept your book for review, you will receive an email from me with further instructions.  If not, you won’t hear from me, because I feel like that’s better than getting a rejection email.